New page!

Delighted to announce a NEW PAGE!!!
The Pad Store
Over lockdown, I have been making wiro-bound notepads by using up my paper/card stock, and wire bindings. The covers are all from packaging….so you can see what Jane and I have been eating and drinking lately!
The pads are up for grabs, and so far clients as far away as Wiltshire have gererously bought some! They vary in price…please ask for details.

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Recycling wood!

So, two shrub tubs, one was made from a couple of pallets, the other of offcuts from a friend’s new conservatory!

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a nice range of notepads available, and they are up for grabs! Make me an offer for one or more……

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Make a note of it!

On our latest range of highly creative notepads, using pre-loved packaging! Make an offer for one, while stocks last!

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My vehicles

This is a list of all the vehicles I have owned…cars, vans, motorbikes….
I wish I had kept some of them!!!

1956 Ford Prefect 100E
1959 850 Mini
Series 1 Frogeye (bought to restore but never driven)
1938 Morgan 4-4 (barn find, was restoring it, but moved it on: Brother in Law has it)
Ford Escort Mk2
Riley Elf
Mini van
Mini 1275 GT
Rascal Van
Morgan 4/4…Still have, 123,000 miles on clock)
Ford Escort Mk3
Landie…(barn, or rather yard find, rebuilt it, still use it often, 103,000 miles on clock)
Vauxhall Cavalier
Vauxhall Cavalier
Vauxhall Cavalier
Ford Focus
Peugot 3087
Skoda Fabia (Current Eurobox tin top)

Lambretta LD125
Honda CB250
Honda XL125
Raleigh Wisp
VeloSolex (still have, but it isn’t (yet) registered)
Ride-on lawnmower

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Garden Art

Incorporating a Really Useful Shelf!

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The Killamarsh Workshop

Readers here will know I ‘play’ for a day each week at a worklshop where we restore steam locos. One of our team publishes a newsletter each week, but as we are all on lockdown, he is scratting around for material to put on the newsletter….here is this week’s edition… enjoy it…if you can!!!
Issue 212 2020-04-07

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A quick survey

First, thanks for visiting my website. I would be very grateful if you would let me know when, and maybe how often, you look at it, or indeed, if you have any comments.
Please e mail me:- richard(AT)

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New Useful Toy

A Bondic Welder! Using a liquid glue which is hardened by the UV light. Apparantly it will bond just about everything! Here, it welded the elephant’s ear back on. Last week, it helped mend an allen key that locks our windows.. Reight good!

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Haunted Disused Railway

Sometimes, and it is scary, walking along the old Unstone Line, which was very busy in its day, moving coal and coke around….as you walk along, you sometimes hear what sounds like a train going by…Scary, or what?

A footpath turns right, and takes you under the viaduct to the side of the Mighty River Drone

and then back home.

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