Walking Group visits a Brewery!

Not just any brewery, but our local Drone Valley Brewery, who pulled out all the stops to show the dozen members of the Dronfield Footpaths and Bridleways Society a superb visit around, explaining the processes, ingredients, temperatures, times etc of the brewing process. Finished the visit with a tasting, which I had to opt out of as some stupid tablets I am on for a week forbid alcohol! Profits from the brewery, run totally by volunteers, gives the profits to local charitable causes.

we then ventured along the footpaths and arrived at The Gate at Troway, then onwards and upwards through nettles, sticky weeds, more nettles…and arrived eventually at The Travellers, Apperknowle, where after another lemonade, made our separate ways home.

Would post pics, but something inside the computer is not letting me…

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Smith-Owen weekend

Brill time in Penarth with loads of the family…walking, eating…drinking…chatting a lot…

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the correct way to park Morgans

There are two ways: right, and wrong.

This is the Wrong way:

but this is the right way:

See the difference? The right way is parking Mogs pointing in different directions, so folks walking past can admire all angles without having to walk in and out.

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4th car show in 5 days! Renishaw Hall Show

Always a good one to go to, loads of cars, Landies…and loads of folks there too…

Chatted a lot to people I knew, and didn’t…. and had: A wonderful chocolate waffle cone generously filled with the cold stuff, later a chocolate tub, a bag of donuts…freshly made, a sample of the locally grown Renishaw red wine, a pint of expensive lager, and a very nice nutella crepe. Oh, and a bottle of water. Very nice afternoon out.

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Show time again: The Hope Show

a BIG one…organised by the Sheffield and Hallamshire Motor Club…400 plus entrants, all sorts of cars, competition cars, old cars, Landies….the lot! Even a good cluster of Mogs!

I spent much of the afternoon putting barriers up, including around a van with a very stroppy abusive rude owner who had been told he could not use the car park as a show was on…hope he had two punctures! The ice cream was superb: a two scoop waffle cone, from Hope Valley Ice Creams, one scoop clotted cream, one scoop blackberry. Superb!

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Penistone Mayor’s Gala

Aleays a good day out, quite a few classic cars ( and a tractor) and most join in the parade around the town! Good ice cream too, waffle cone with flake and sprinkles…in the company of Paul and Sue Doherty, and their grand son Thomas (who used to polish my car at the show before he knew how to say ‘No’

oh….and we were presented with a medal!

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Car Show at Hardwick Hall

in aid of Ashgate Hospice. Good turnout of cars, decent weather, good ice cream (in a tub) and good company…

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Quick trip to Falkirk

Basically, to meet up with cousin Margie, from Canada. We met, ate out, visited the Kelpies, and the Falkirk Wheel, along with her daughter and son in law, and my sis and bro in law. (sorry about duplicated pics, stupid computer thing!)

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Rail Ale

The Annual Real ale festival held at Barrow Hill Roundhouse….always a superb event, made even betterer this year by being in the company of great mates Vic and Michelle. a few ales to try, compare notes, listen to the bands, ride on trains, drink more, talk more, drink a little more, then come home acting responsibly…. and no ice creams!

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The artistic and talented family!

a table top, mosaiced by Jane, graces the corner of James and Rach’s garden

a rather nice casual table made by yours truly, also in James and Rach’s garden, near the back door.

and a brilliantly hand crafted outdoor kitchen unit made by James and I. Not quite finished, lacking doors and a bit of decoration.

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