Penistone Gala

Last time, but 3 years ago, my Mog won the ‘Most Interesting’ award…and I had high hopes for victory again this year….but my hopes were sadly dashed when the Mayor annnounced that his Number One was my pal Paul Doherty’s highly polished +8!

Still, he had a nice sit in mine!

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Gawsworth Car Show

This superb event has beem missed over the last two years, and this year was full of classic cars…including lots of Mogs….

A nice drive there and back, but I took care when driving back over the Cat and Fiddle, as I didn’t quite get round one of the bends some years ago, blaming a patch of diesel on the road!

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Badgers are back!

Not necessarily they have been away, but not used nature cam for a while!

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Family weekend at Filey

We had hired a house near Filey for Easter weekend: a superb holiday hone, right next door to a pretty good pub too! Great weekend with the kids and grandkids…and lots of sunny beach time…SatNag and I walked along the beach to the end of Filey Brigg…a reight nice walk…and there was a food festival going on in the town. Found an abandoned lobster trap, I fancied rescuing it and bringing it home, but it was too heavy!! I made do with rescuing a load of zip ties instead!!

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Great British Car Experience

Was meant to be meeting friends at The Oil Can Cafe, Holmfirth, but due to Covid, they couldn’t go. So, to keep that place as somewhere yet to go, SatNag and I went to the Great British Car Experience, near Belper….and had a great look around there…though I had been before… Stopped off for chips in Bakewell….

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New loco at Workshop X

Well, ‘new’ isn’t quite the right word, but you know what I mean!!! This is a 3 foot gauge 0-4-0 loco that used to work in Northamptonshire, and is now a museum showpiece. We have been given the task of cleaning it up and painting it….not to get it back into steam! It is in the workshop next to an 0-10-0 loco that the team is also fettling..this one arrived two weeks ago…The pics though, are of the 0-4-0 when it arrived..

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The BEST cornet!

From the ice cream van that calls in at Curborough…..and is the best ever!

I was first in the queue  when he drove in….but those who know me would not stand in my way….

Waffle cone, generously filled…and given a nut dip, choc sauce poured on, and a flake ….all this for less than the price of a pint!

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The Poacher’s Apprentice

A film made in 1952, starring my Dad!

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Grippy Trolley!

Playing golf through the winter can be a tad slippy at times, and recently, the course I play on has been very muddy in places….but my golf trolley wasn’t very good in these conditions. Some golfers have winter wheels for their trolleys, so it made me think…”I could make those” So a message to a motor biker pal Andy Richardson asking about lumpy tyres soon brought him to my door with a superb tyre! Deft use of a sharp knife and some (recycled!) zip ties solved the problem!

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A new device; or rather ‘pair’of devices…… designed and hand-made here in Unstone….The UnstoneLift. A pair of beautifully crafted devices designed to avoid those cold and muddy fingertips you get when lifting manhole covers…


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