Car Show at Hardwick Hall

in aid of Ashgate Hospice. Good turnout of cars, decent weather, good ice cream (in a tub) and good company…

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Quick trip to Falkirk

Basically, to meet up with cousin Margie, from Canada. We met, ate out, visited the Kelpies, and the Falkirk Wheel, along with her daughter and son in law, and my sis and bro in law. (sorry about duplicated pics, stupid computer thing!)

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Rail Ale

The Annual Real ale festival held at Barrow Hill Roundhouse….always a superb event, made even betterer this year by being in the company of great mates Vic and Michelle. a few ales to try, compare notes, listen to the bands, ride on trains, drink more, talk more, drink a little more, then come home acting responsibly…. and no ice creams!

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The artistic and talented family!

a table top, mosaiced by Jane, graces the corner of James and Rach’s garden

a rather nice casual table made by yours truly, also in James and Rach’s garden, near the back door.

and a brilliantly hand crafted outdoor kitchen unit made by James and I. Not quite finished, lacking doors and a bit of decoration.

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Gawsworth Hall Car Show 2018

On the traditional Bank Holiday Monday. Mine was one of at least 38 Mogs there…. a great day out, meeting old friends, making new ones, a couple of ice creams, but a  three quid a tub, I won’t picture them here!


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where does the sun come from?

well, I found out on Sunday, when our group went on a dawn chorus walk on Blackamoor… at 4.30am, it dawned on me!

Heard lots, saw lots….

and for a comprehensive list of what we saw, click this: DAWN CHORUS 6th MAY 2018

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another day on the Hunslett

Having worked on the steam pipe things yesterday, making patches to seal the heat in a bit more… please note that the gap was not of my making, only the  subsequent patch.

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Today on the Hunslett

Well, the boiler passed its test, and we are now busy assembling the loco….Boiler now on, cladding almost on….I have been putting steam pipes in today, and filing the marks off the bolt heads fixing the boiler to its seat… back at the workshop tomorrow….

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working weekend at Threlkeld

Threlkeld: home of the Vintage Excavator Trust, and also a 2ft gauge railway set-up. A group of us (who are on the Hunslett Restoration Squad) ventured north to build railway lines, one group to reconstruct a set of points, and two others plus me went to replace some rotten sleepers and repack a length of track. A good weekend. Hard work though.

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Hunslett looking more like a loco….

We fitted the ashpan today, to the underside of the boiler, then fitted the boiler to the frame, and added one of the sidetanks. Getting ready for the loco’s steam test in a couple of weeks. Satisfied that the boiler fitted fine, we then took it out, and positioned it where the steam testing will take place…

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