It’s all Bowls!

Well, a couple of times a week it is!
Friday afternoons, we have the Gents Vets Doubles series, and this is our successful B Team, who are the League Champs this year!

The observant amongst you may note there is a lady, as these days, Gents teams can include two ladies, and Ladies teams can include 2 gents. Anyway, she is called Phyl.

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Years ago, fifteen maybe…

I decided the time was right to buy a Mog. The best way to start, I was told, was to join the Morgan Sports Car Club, go along to a local meeting, and chat. So I did just this, attended a Yorkshire ‘noggin’ and got chatting to the folks there, and ended up buying from Alan Holmes, one of the Mog members.
Some time later, we moved to where we are now, and the journey to the Yorkshire noggin was not a nice one. I got involved with the High Peak centre….
Anyway, the South Yorkshire noggin venue has changed, it is now not too far from me, at the Dusty Miller, Barlborough.
I went there last evening, and it was so nice to meet up with sonme folks I’d not seen for quite a while, (and some I see occasionally).

All in all, a very pleasant evening, and it has heralded the start of a new night out for me once a month.
Incidentally, there was a group of old Austins there too…

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One of my jobs today…

to remove the remains of a bolt that had rusted and sheared, from Ogwen, the loco currently under restoration.
I pop-marked the centre, drilled it, drilled it bigger, and bigger still, then removed the remains of the thread, re-tapped it, and fitted a new bolt. Huzzah!

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Mog Day at Wortley Top Forge

Three wheelers and four, a good crowd gathered for a guided tour and general natter. Nice to catch up with some Mogsters I’d not seen for a while….
Wortley Top Forge used to be one of the foundries where railway axles were forged…and is well worth a visit. Also a narrow gauge railway for rides!
I will let the pictures explain more…

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the latest creation….

a log burner, made from old LandRover and Morgan parts. Superb. Owners of these artistic but useful articles will be the envy of their neighbourhood.

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Apedale Railway: Tracks to the Trenches

superb show at Apedale, and featuring the Hunslet 1215 loco that we have just finished restoring: and at Apedale, it was certainly paying its new life back, hauling lots of passengers. A slight snag when a section of line slipped a tad wider, but 1215 was soon back on track. (1215 is the Hunslet loco number, its MoD number was 303) Lots to do and see here…

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oops: bangs and rattles!

I blame a HUGE pothole for this: the nearside rear shocker mount broke away from the mounting hoop… just a few days before we were due to motor to the Le Mans Classic.

A bit of welding (a lot of welding!) later, and it was fixed. Awaiting new hoop though…

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New page: have a look at Le Mans Classic 2018

Not many words, lots of pics though…see what you think!

By the way, travelling to these events, VinMog by far the best organisation….a marquee, tables, chairs, sunshades, superb cheese and wine party, meet-up place, always friends to meet, event programme supplied, stickers, regalia…info……compare with the official MSCC travel organising company…where you park in a huge car park, no central meeting place…and get apparently a lot less for far more money!

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Another Innovation from Lord Unstone!

Following the success of the Internationally Acclaimed Award-Winning Unstone Grip, excited followers asked for more.
“More” they cried out.
So we listened. And we thought, scratched heads, doodled, and came up with this…..
Introducing the Unstone CoolFeet.
Clipped on to a handy place, in this instance the roll bar, by reclaimed zip ties, the device looks like a vacuum cleaner attachment.
But don’t be fooled!
Cool air is drawn into the duct as you drive along, and passes through the flexible tube, the other end of which can be placed in the footwell, cooling the feet as you drive along.
Under development if a splitter, so that driver and passenger can enjoy the benefits of the Unstone CoolFeet.

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Walking Group visits a Brewery!

Not just any brewery, but our local Drone Valley Brewery, who pulled out all the stops to show the dozen members of the Dronfield Footpaths and Bridleways Society a superb visit around, explaining the processes, ingredients, temperatures, times etc of the brewing process. Finished the visit with a tasting, which I had to opt out of as some stupid tablets I am on for a week forbid alcohol! Profits from the brewery, run totally by volunteers, gives the profits to local charitable causes.

we then ventured along the footpaths and arrived at The Gate at Troway, then onwards and upwards through nettles, sticky weeds, more nettles…and arrived eventually at The Travellers, Apperknowle, where after another lemonade, made our separate ways home.

Would post pics, but something inside the computer is not letting me…

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