Unstone Grip

At last: something really useful for the discerning Morgan owner!

Read what one of our customers has to say:

The Unstone grip is brilliant and I will use it forever. I will also tell every other Morgan owner I meet, to buy one.

Hi Richard:
 Thank you for the excellent Unstone Grip.
 I received it recently but did not get a chance to try it until yesterday.  I didn’t want to comment before I did.
It works well and I don’t have to twist and bend my key fob around to crank that short little metal rod in circles.
I hope to visit the UK in 2018 if an interesting Morgan event comes up (suggestions are appreciated) and I would like to meet you, Rob and perhaps the lads (as (we) did in 2014) so I can repay you both with some liquid refreshment.
Best regards,

How  long did it take you to find the tommy bar to tighten your sidescreen nuts?

Has it slipped underneath the upholstery, and you spent ages searching to find something to slacken the nuts so you can take the sidescreens off? Or has it just disappeared into thin air?


The Unstone Grip has been developed by a Morgan owner, who has now overcome the problems highlighted above, by manufacturing this handy device.

YOU TOO can have one!

Hand-made in our Unstone Green workshop, for just £9.99 inc postage, one can be winging its way to you for the new season. Be the envy of your Morganeering pals! Be the first in your centre to be able to proudly say “Loose sidescreens are a thing of the past, thanks to my Unstone Grip”

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