Local walk, another learning curve…

This was with the walking group, 26 hardy souls setting off from Shillito Woods car park for a bracing enjoyable walk in the winter sun. Crossing the road we went right along muddy paths through Ramsley Moor crossing the ancient Car Road then crossing the A621 Baslow Road onto Big Moor. We veered off right to find a well hidden stone circle Barbrook 3, returned to the path to traverse round to Barbrook 1 one of the best preserved stone circles in the Peak District before visiting the nearby Burial Mound and then partly restored Barnbrook 2. Spotting what we first thought was poo near Circle no.3 was actually an owl pellet, later broken open to reveal the remains of a field vole. You could see a claw and it’s front teeth. We even spotted an adder as it slithered away to hide in the rocks.
Returning to the pathway we re-crossed the Baslow Road at a much lower point taking a path to Ramsley Reservoir exiting onto Fox Lane to return to Shillito Woods. This was a walk encompassing historical sites that date back to 2000BC and possibly earlier.

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