Where else would we get such a brilliant welcome? This is the sign on the front of our venue..

This helps to make our regular noggins superb. Great welcome, superb food and service, great ales…. our own room even (we usually fill it). Good banter, good company, come along if you can, first Thursday in the month. Published start time is 7.30pm, but lots get there early.

Our noggin venue, the Crispin at Great Longstone, raises money to provide facilities for the village. We add to this fund by donating raffle money… £100 from the last three months…. and on 2nd October, I took part in their annual fundraising walk, 7.5 miles around the village. Sadly, I was the only Tormogger bothering to take part. As I left the pub, I was told that they had raised £1700 just from today’s walk.

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I am concerned about the state of the national car club, they have stopped funding Mogtalk, the internet forum for Mogsters…. luckily, VinMog have stepped in. There is a huge new expensive MSCC website, heaven alone only knows what was wrong with the original one.

This page is NOT to be taken as the official view of the Centre, but here, you will find my random jottings….

Chatsworth Country Show. I was there on the Friday and Saturday  again. The show continued on Sunday, but I  headed off to the Curburgring to help out with the MSCC sprint event.

You can see where I parked my car the previous day, looks like overspray from my cleaning regime stained the grass!

Chaos on Saturday with parking, as Squadron Leader Colin was not there to instruct us how to park.

But then, we discovered that Derek Worthington’s badges had been very dodgingly fitted, with non-matching screws, and the slots were not even lined up!

Lots of other interesting things to see there….

I have not managed to attend any of the monthly noggins recently, but was with a group from Chesterfield CAMRA last Saturday, where one of the pubs we visited was The Bull i’tThorn, the pub where Tormog met for so many years. Happy to report the pub was very much alive, with a Truckfest in the field! Pouring with rain though.

Sadly, the Gawsworth Hall show was cancelled, due to the recent foul weather. However, three hardy Tormoggers attended the Glossop Car Show on 22nd May, Bernard Andrew and I arriving hoods down, Colin hood up. There was a great turnout of all different sorts, makes and types of entrants, and those with roofs on had the advantage as it rained during the day, very heavily at times. The prize-giving ceremony was brought forward so entrants could escape early! None of us being in the running for GVEC pots, we had our own Awards Ceremony, Colin was awarded “The Blackest Mog” award, Bernard won the coveted Fiddler’s Award, for the amount of fiddling he did to his car to try and make it more presentable. Things like lining screw head slots correctly, and turning the wheel centres so the Mog logo was the right way up. I won the Sportiest-looking Mog award. We all thus left the show quite happy, but damp. Arriving back home, there were no signs of it having rained at all.

Colin tries a Tesla for size. “Hey”, he said…”Everythings electric”!

It was quite wet at times!

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