things could only get better?

Drove into Sheffo yesterday to play in the knockout billiards tournament. Realised on the way my phone was on the kitchen table. Played billiards (a superb game) but lost. Went to the car, and as it was such a nice day, took the roof down. Started off, and soon stopped. No petrol. Put roof back on. Walked to Archer Road garage, and borrowed a fuel can. Filled it at Tescos, and went back to the car. No spout on the can, so spilled quite a lot. Put empty can in car, removed roof again, set off, and returned the can. Filled up at Sainsburys. Realised I had left the fuel cap on the back of the car, so retraced my steps in a futile attempt to retreive it. Halfrauds fixed me up with a new lockable cap. On the plus side, I found nine elastic bands and one zip tie on my two mile walk. Played bowls in the evening floodlit league. Lost. On tbe plus side, had a couple of pints of Abbeydale Moonshine, and the Talking Diary drove home.

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