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So, the first Thursday of the month means it’s Tormog Noggin…. at the Crispin, Great Longstone. The Crispin has long been recognised as a venue for classic car meets, so please tell me why there was but one Mog in the car park this evening?
For heaven’s sake, it is a Morgan Sports Car Club meeting, for owners of Morgans in the High Peak area.
So why, oh why, do so many MSCC members leave their Mogs at home?
Jeez, they are cars for driving and for enjoying, and with a meeting point in the middle of the Peak District with it’s superb roads,  I personally see little point in having a car marque owners club meeting where the cars themselves are not present!
Is this the same for other noggins?
* you may guess whose Mog was by itself in the car park!
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