Harewood, Red Mogs 1, 2, 3!

the BARC Hillclimb at Harewood, 3rd June. It rained like rain was going out of fashion, it rained like three piece suites in a DFS sale, it rained incessantly. But that didn’t stop the bunch of Speedmoggers from having a great time on the hill! Well, now, back home, after a nice hot bath, a couple of glasses of Roija and a good meal, I am sure it was a nice day! Look at the rain:

but after all that, every time was at least 10 seconds over bogey ( our individual target times) but the three who came out on top:

but looking at the trophies on the table, there was a wine goblet, a tall tumbler, and a short tumbler. We wondered which was for first place, second place and third; The short tumbler, I said, was obviously for a fine single malt, ie first. The second place would take the wine goblet, for a glass of cheap plonk, and the third: the tall tumbler, to be filled with lemonade. ‘No’, said Chips Bailey, ‘First Prize is the Wine glass, for a fine Chateauneuf Pape (?!) Second is the tall glass, for a Gin cocktail, and the short tumbler is for your teeth!’
Who was right?

So, John first, Chris second, and me third. but….., we were all driving Red sports cars, British Red Sportscars!

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