Years ago, fifteen maybe…

I decided the time was right to buy a Mog. The best way to start, I was told, was to join the Morgan Sports Car Club, go along to a local meeting, and chat. So I did just this, attended a Yorkshire ‘noggin’ and got chatting to the folks there, and ended up buying from Alan Holmes, one of the Mog members.
Some time later, we moved to where we are now, and the journey to the Yorkshire noggin was not a nice one. I got involved with the High Peak centre….
Anyway, the South Yorkshire noggin venue has changed, it is now not too far from me, at the Dusty Miller, Barlborough.
I went there last evening, and it was so nice to meet up with sonme folks I’d not seen for quite a while, (and some I see occasionally).

All in all, a very pleasant evening, and it has heralded the start of a new night out for me once a month.
Incidentally, there was a group of old Austins there too…

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