Ye Olde Tee Shoppe

Bargains of the year to be had at Ye Olde Tee Shoppe! I have been a regular golfer for some years now, and my quest on the golf course, apart from trying to play well of course, has been to rescue abandoned tee pegs. My regular golfing companion, Pete Ollerenshaw, always has a good look around the tee area, and gives me any useful tees he finds…So now, I have lots of pre-loved and now re-loved golf tees: plastic and wood, in a range of colours and sizes…Some of the wooden tees that have been rescued have been carefully resharpened to live again. Pop in to the Pop-Up Tee Shoppe sometime and restock your tee caddy!
Here is what one of our satisfied clients had to say: “I can thoroughly recommend the products from the Tee Shoppe. After years of scuffing and slicing I was offered a pink tee at a favourable rate and the difference was amazing – 200 yards straight down the middle! Can’t wait to try green, blue and red!”

So golfers: come along and choose some new (well: pre-loved) golf tees and see what a difference it will make to your game!