Watch out NEC……. here we come!

Car polished, grille sporting a fresh new coat of green, a whole rattle can used to smarten up the nearside wing, wheels brushed and cleaned, (though I am not one of the anoraks who takes wheels off to clean the insides) and a goodie bag with spray clean, tyre smartener and a duster packed to give it a final clean once it is inside the show hall, some shoe dye to smarten up a few scratches on the seats, inside vacced….. blimey, anyone would think it was the car’s birthday! it will be in good company…. JP is taking his restoration project along too, and hopefully, they will be parked side by side. the last time my Mog was on public display was at the Chatsworth Country Fair in September, the Tormog report read something like “over the weekend, there were 9 highly polished Morgans, plus Richard Smith’s well-used one”. Well, let me tell you, that none of those 9 were CHOSEN to be on display at the Car Show! Haha,

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