I thought my snooker cue had been nabbed by some unscrupulous being…….. however last evening, I actually looked closely at the case hanging next to mine on the wall. Bear in mind that all these cases look the same…. I tried my old padlock key….. turned it…… opened the case and my snooker cue tumbled out! Turns out somebody had put my cue in the wrong case………

This is a poem penned by our talented secretary Michelle:

Where’s me cue, where’s me cue
Someones took it and I don’t know who
Where’s me cue, where’s me cue
They’ve took me cue and my padlock too
I locked it up and put it away
In a case with my name on is all I can say
I’ve looked all around and it’s nowhere to be found
I’ve looked up high and looked on the ground
Where’s me cue, where’s me cue
Oh Mr President what can I do?
All those cases look the same
Are you sure you put it in one with your name?
I’ve found me cue, I’ve found me cue
Now I need to apologise to all of you.

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