Ta Daaaaah!

That was a fanfare!

today, the Mog passed its MOT, and now sports a shiny new tax disc, though it doesn’t start until Saturday 1st! Thanks to all those who have helped, supported, sympathised and generally supported me. Having now totally rebuilt a car, there is nothing really to be frightened about, certainly not when you can call on some pretty good pals when you get stuck. Mind you, I am sure that some only came to help on their way to some darned good pubs in this neck of the woods!

so, 8 months. Last time it was rebuilt by a ‘proper’ place, it was 6 months, so taking into account the last few weeks have been spent having a nuts and bolts check by my local Mogspert, makes 7 months, which I reckon, ain’t too bad. Yep, high points and low points, the main struggle was with the lack of space in the garage.

looking forward to getting a few miles on the clock and giving it a good shakedown. Then, to the task of making it look better, tbf, it looks a bit ragged at the mo.

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