and not particularly sporty. Unless you count it as a soft top!

It has now been on the road for a year, just passed its MOT, and has covered some 2500 miles, mainly trouble free! One journey to son James, it boiled over on the A61′ but I filled it up, subsequently flushed the whole cooling system, refilled with antifreeze, new stat and rad cap, and its been fine since. I am a firm believer in “it was just one of those things” We have pulled tree roots out with it, been green laning, and even towed the caravan! Brill vehicle!



Here it is before: when I saw in abandoned in a farmyard in June 2009, where it has stood for 12 years,
and two and a half years later, after a fairly comprehensive rebuild
Here’s when I bought it home: to get it off the trailer, I backed into the drive and stopped suddenly, the Landie just rolled off into a tyre barrier I’d put against the house!
A delighted Jane stands proudly by it!
Latest modification: a set of Series 3 seats, and a poly curtain to separate the seating area (!) from the back, hopefully making it a tad woarmner to drive around in until I can get the truck cab fitted:

and inbetween times:
new dumb irons fittednew outriggerspatching the bulkheadJim fits new door hinge pillarsand patches more bits of bulkheadnew rear crossmember replaced tub beamsa bit of snow slowed us down!Neil tidying for the rewirethe mess behind the dashboard before Neil worked his magic!put to work straight away pulling roots!
None of the rebuild would have taken place without the expert welding and know-how of Jim Welch, who travelled all the way from Doncaster on quite a few occasions, and Neil Grayson, who sorted out all the electrics. Thanks guys!

Derbyshire Police held a ‘Smart Water Day’ at the local footy ground, over 200 Landies, regretfully only a few S2a’s, turned up. Here’s me with S2A forum member Gadget and his wife.

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