MSCC not funding Mogtalk!

I despair….. Mogtalk is a superb vehicle, pun intended, for chatting about all things Morgan and more, and I have made some superb pals through Mogtalk. However, it is now to be funded by VinMog, a French Classic Car club….
Let’s hope that with the new backing, Mogtalk will have an upsurge in membership, along with a wide range of topics for discussion. Today, for instance, topics ranging from Oxo cubes, TSR2, HS2 and Drive It day have been on the agenda!
VinMog of course, is the number one choice for travel arrangements by many Mog owners, with Quentin English looking after it, following  the debacle within the Morgan Sports Car Club a year or two back.

Have a look at and support this organisation,  is my recommendation!

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