I just can’t believe the noise!

or rather: the lack of it!

For ages now, I have had a ‘sschhschhhschh’ noise emanating from under the bonnet. Phil Barrett suggested alternator, and Ron Gains, from the local Post Office, has been nagging me to unhitch the alternator to prove that he and Phil were right.

OK guys, you were spot on: the alternator fan thing was running slightly off-centre, so a mammoth struggle later, managed to remove the alternator, strip it, then fail to put it back together. Luckily, just down the road from here, we have Excel Automotive, who are brilliant at putting my botches right, and this was no exception, but made them swear a bit. Somehow, the alternator you put back is always bigger than the one you took out, even if it is the same one!

Anyway, the car has been transformed!

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