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“Gowrie” is an iconic narrow gauge steam locomotive. She is one of the most modelled locomotives ever and she has a special place in narrow gauge history. Built in 1908 by the Hunslet Engine Co of Leeds she worked on the North Wales Narrow Gauge line until 1918 when she was sold. She was eventually scrapped about 1930 – A very sad loss of a classic single Fairlie locomotive.
Now a group of engineers are looking at the feasibility of building a 2’ gauge working replica of “Gowrie” for use on various UK narrow gauge railways and the Welsh Highland Railway in particular.
Would you like to join us? It is very simple. The owning group will be properly constituted and it will be run as a private company with only 979 £600 shares issued. The number of shares is the same as the builder’s number for “Gowrie”. This would give us a working capital of some £587,400 which we think will cover all the new-build costs.
“Gowrie” will be an entirely new locomotive with air and vacuum brakes fitted. She will be built by the voluntary team that restored Hunslet large quarry class loco “Edward Sholto” and the MRT’s Hudswell Clarke 1238 and who are currently completing the restoration of Hunslet 4-6-0T number 1215 built in 1916.
Shares can be purchased in multiples of £600 but one share is the minimum. Voting will be on the basis of one share = one vote. Share purchases can be spread over 12 equal monthly payments of £50 if required or multiples thereof.
Shareholders will have many benefits including regular newsletters, access to the locomotive footplate by arrangement, free tickets to ride behind her on her inaugural runs and much more.
At this stage we are simply looking for commitments  to buy shares so we can judge if the project is going to be viable or not. This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to fill a huge gap in the UK narrow gauge world and to provide another iconic steam locomotive for present and future generations to enjoy.
Those canvassed so far have given the project their total support. Will YOU join us on a new narrow gauge adventure?
Please contact Martyn Ashworth for further details on 07798 916115 or at martynhts@btinternet.com.
Thank You.

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